3 reasons to NEVER buy from a spammer

We’ve all gotten that spam message that, despite being annoying and unsolicited, kinda seems interesting.

“Yeah, I know I wasn’t really looking to buy any prescription drugs today, but that price seems really good…”

If you ever get a spam email that looks enticing enough to buy, from, don’t! Here’s why:

  1. It may be (and most likely is) a scam. Not only will you not get what you order, you’ll most likely be cheated out of your money.
  2. Even if you do receive what is sent, it may not be what you ordered. Especially when it comes to drugs and supplements, spammers are notorious for sending things that are not only not what you ordered, but can be downright lethal.
  3. The site may not even really be selling anything, and may just be using the email and website as delivery systems to serve up viruses and other malware to your computer. Next thing you know, your computer is infected and your machine is now sending out more of the same spam emails (just like the one you received) to all of your friends and family.