Review: Symmetry Series Folio for iPad Mini 4

Symmetry Series Folio for iPad Mini 4
Company: OtterBox
Price: $59.95
Symmetry Folio for iPad Mini 4
I recently had the opportunity to evaluate and review the Symmetry Series Folio for iPad Mini 4 from OtterBox. This is a protective, wrap-around folio style case. In keeping with their reputation, the case is not one of the slimmest you can get, but definitely offers a lot in the way of protection.
Installation is simple, but took me several seconds to get all of the corners tucked in properly. This was comforting, as I knew that, once snugly inside, my iPad was not coming out by accident.

Once in the case, the back and side edges of the Mini are completely protected, save for openings for the microphone, speaker, camera, and headphone jack, all of which are easily accessible from within the case. A nice touch is that the microphone and speaker openings are pointed to the front of the iPad, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the volume to be a little louder in the case than when not.
Symmetry Series Folio for iPad Mini 4 seals to itself magnetically, offering what seems to be a fair amount of protection from drops and impacts. To be clear, this is not a waterproof case, so I’d advise against submersion or excessively large spills. The back of the case is a hard plastic, while the front flap is made of textile or leather, depending on what option you choose. The model I evaluated was leather, and has a nice grip to it. The cover supports the iPad’s wake/sleep capability, automatically placing the iPad to sleep when closed and waking when opened.
Symmetry Folio CaseWhen open, the front of the case folds away, to the rear, allowing easy access to the iPad’s screen. Alternately, the case can serve as a stand for the mini, offering several different angles at which the iPad can be propped up. A significant difference from other cases and covers I’ve used is that both landscape and portrait modes are supported, as the iPad Mini is allowed to rotate completely around while mounted in the case.
As my personal preference is for slimmer cases, the main drawback I found with the case is its bulk. Again, this is not a surprise, as most Otterbox cases have a reputation for erring on the side of caution, and if you’re prone to dropping your iPad (or dropping things on¬†your iPad), you may be well-served by investing in this case.

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