Urgent Call from Barracuda: Replace Your Email Security Gateway Now

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In an unprecedented move that has taken the cybersecurity world by storm, Barracuda Networks has urgently called upon its customers to immediately replace their existing email security gateways (ESGs) due to a serious security vulnerability, identified as CVE-2023-2868. This news is especially significant, considering that evidence shows the vulnerability has been actively exploited since October […]

The Hidden Risks of Public USB Charging Stations: Juice Jacking and How to Protect Yourself

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As a long-time user of Apple products, I’m well aware of the importance of keeping our beloved devices charged. Public USB charging stations in airports, hotels, and shopping centers have become a convenient solution for that purpose. However, the FBI Denver and the FCC have recently warned about a cyber-theft tactic called “Juice Jacking,” which […]

Time to Ditch LastPass

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In today’s digital age, it’s essential for individuals and organizations to secure their online credentials. One of the most popular tools used for this purpose is LastPass, a password management software. However, in recent years, LastPass has faced significant security concerns that have raised questions about its ability to protect users’ sensitive information. In 2015, […]