10 Critical Steps to Survive a Ransomware Attack

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We’re seeing a rash of ransomware sweeping across IT systems, ranging from large enterprises to microbusinesses with only a few PCs. As I am writing this, we are in the middle of responding to an incident where a business has been entirely shut down due to being infected with the Locky ransomware. The entire business has […]

Does your site offer an open redirect?

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Last week, Brian Krebs reported on a disturbing trend in federal (.gov) websites having “open redirects” enabled, allowing scammers to delivery content from seemingly legitimate (government) websites. So why do these open redirects even exist in the first place? Simply put, they are a convenience for website developers. Many websites will offer links to other […]

3 reasons to NEVER buy from a spammer

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We’ve all gotten that spam message that, despite being annoying and unsolicited, kinda seems interesting. “Yeah, I know I wasn’t really looking to buy any prescription drugs today, but that price seems really good…” If you ever get a spam email that looks enticing enough to buy, from, don’t! Here’s why:

Down for everyone, or just me?

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You know the feeling: you go to open up Facebook, Amazon, a work-related website, or even worse, your own company website, and get the message that the “page cannot be displayed.” Frustrated, you immediately pick up the phone and call your web host or “IT guy” and complain that your website is offline. He calmly […]

You Are No Longer “Too Small” To Be a Target

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“We’re too small to be a target.” “Nobody wants what we have.” “Nobody cares about our systems.” “There isn’t enough money in our bank account for anyone to want.” These are all phrases that clients of mine have uttered during meetings on the topic of information security. But even if you think have nothing anyone […]