Down for everyone, or just me?

You know the feeling: you go to open up Facebook, Amazon, a work-related website, or even worse, your own company website, and get the message that the “page cannot be displayed.”This page cannot be displayed

Frustrated, you immediately pick up the phone and call your web host or “IT guy” and complain that your website is offline. He calmly replies by saying the website is up and running just fine, and has been all along. What do you do? You can’t get to the site, but he says it’s fine. Now what?

The next step is to check with Down for Everyone or Just Me. This website is a free service which will tell you if it can access the website you give it, or if the site you cannot access is indeed down “for everyone, not just you.”

So next time you can’t access a website, try Down for Everyone and maybe save yourself a call to your IT guy or web host.