FairPoint Accused of Falsfying Readiness Tests

This article broke yesterday, in which an alleged whistleblower claims that FairPoint falsified the tests that showed its readiness to take over Verizon’s New England landlines.

“The account from an alleged FairPoint Communications insider may explain why telecommunications regulators in northern New England were surprised when FairPoint customers complained so vigorously after the firm took over phone lines from Verizon early this year.”

There’s some other interesting filler in this post, but it concludes with this:

After studying the pile of complaints from FairPoint customers, earlier this month the Vermont Public Service Board asked FairPoint to “show cause” why its license to do business in the state shouldn’t be revoked.

The only question that has to be raised is, ifwhen FairPoint is evicted from this state, who will take over?

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