Are these a threat to your business?

I bet most of us don’t sit around thinking “what are the biggest threats to cloud computing this year.” (Okay, I do, but I’m paid to be paranoid.) This article highlights the biggest cloud threats identified at the current RSA conference (one of the world’s largest security get-togethers).

Out of these, which ones do you think affect SMBs and startups? (If you don’t know – don’t be afraid to ask in our LinkedIn Group or our Facebook page and start a discussion!)

  1. Data breaches
  2. Weak identity, credential and access management
  3. Insecure APIs
  4. System and application vulnerabilities
  5. Account hijacking
  6. Malicious insiders
  7. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
  8. Data loss
  9. Insufficient due diligence
  10. Abuse and nefarious use of cloud services
  11. Denial of Service
  12. Shared technology issues