Why Computers from Box Stores Don’t Save You Money

Why should you pay $600-$1200 for a computer we quoted, when you can go into (Best Buy/BJ’s/Walmart/Staples) and purchase a “fully loaded” computer for $350-$500?
Here are a few reasons:
  1. Warranty.  These computers generally come with a 1 year, limited manufacturer Warranty.  This means that if any part of the computer breaks after that, you can either “fix it yourself” (time and money) or replace the computer.  Unfortunately, the argument that “you can just go down and buy another computer” (money) is not really a good one, since you likely won’t be able to find an exact replacement, and will therefore have to set up the computer again from scratch (time).  When you spend a little money up front to purchase a computer we recommend, we make sure you get a 3 year business-class warranty, which includes free, on-site repair provided by the manufacturer (not Paradigm).
  2. Compatibility.  These systems generally come with Windows XP Home, Vista Home Premium, or Windows 7 Home Ultimate.  These operating systems are not compatible with a Windows business network, not to mention other limitations that don’t belong in a business environment. An upgrade to XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional is an unaccounted for cost when you purchase one of these computers.
  3. Standardization.  By purchasing a computer that we recommend, you will likely be able to take advantage of our familiarity with that particular product.  Often we will recommend a single line of computers to multiple customers, and in some cases it may even be one that we have deployed and tested in-house.  All computer models have “quirks” associated with them that make them unique, and knowing our way around them means more efficient deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting- saving you money.
  4. No Upsell. Most bog box store sales clerks are paid on commission. We’re not, and our margins are small. Paradigm has always been primarily a service entity, and the only things we sell to our clients are what they need.

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