Response to @Smallbizlady’s recent post “The Right Way To Make Sales Calls For Your Small Business”

I just read a post entitled ”The Right Way To Make Sales Calls For Your Small Business.” This post outlines ten points which all make a lot of sense when making sales calls, except for number 7, where I disagree.

”Do not leave a voicemail if you do not reach your sales target. Connections are only made with real people. Your message will be deleted anyway.”

I don’t follow. I leave voicemails. I don’t expect that my voicemail will close the sale, but to not leave a message when someone has put up a facility just for that seems silly to me. I’d also supplement a call with an email, or vice versa, because some people are more responsive to some media than they are to others.

So, I agree on 9 out of 10 points. Keep up the good work, @smallbizlady.

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