GFI LANGuard Security Scanner Free for Up to 5 Machines

GFI, makers of several products we deploy at various client locations, has announced that they are giving away a freeware version of their LANGuard Security Scanner. This should be of interest to our micro-business clients, as this product, while not my favorite vulnerability scanner, can be used on  small networks to find and fix potential security problems.

What does it do, exactly? Here’s the techspeak from GFI’s website:

Over 15,000 vulnerability assessments are carried out when the network, including any virtual environment, is scanned by GFI LANguard. When the scan is complete, GFI LANguard’s Patch Management functionality allows administrators to deploy and manage patches and security updates on all machines across the network. Hardware information can be retrieved and baseline comparisons used to check for unauthorized changes.

The English translation is that it helps ensure your systems are up to date with respect to patches and updates.

Previously you would have had to purchase at least a 10-node license (for $320 or more), but now the software is free, so there’s one less excuse for making sure your micro-business network or remote office is up to date.

Note: Paradigm Consulting Co. is a GFI reseller.

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