Using Microsoft Outlook to Access Other Users’ Mailboxes

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If you have a Microsoft Exchange server at your business, Microsoft Outlook has the ability to access more than one mailbox at a time. This is a useful feature if multiple users need to share access to the same email address, or if someone needs to cover another person’s email (when an auto-responder won’t suffice) […]

What is “Unified Threat Management?”

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“Unified Threat Management” is a buzzphrase (that is, a few buzzwords strung together) heard a lot in networking and network security. Essentially, this is something (usually a device) which combines several network security services, including email filtering, web content filtering, firewalling, intrusion detection/prevention, and others. A UTM device can provide other services as well, such […]

Why We Recommend Foxit Reader Instead of Adobe Reader for PDFs

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This is an excerpt from an email we sent out to several clients last month, but remains as good advice for many others as well. In recent months, Adobe has suffered from numerous critical flaws in their Acrobat and PDF Reader products, necessitating frequent upgrades to keep the software current and patch against these vulnerabilities. […]