Bank Sued for Losses Due to Alleged Weak Security

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In a previous post, I wrote how small businesses are being scammed by European cyber-hackers. In a related story, Computerworld reports how Pacto Construction Co. in Portland, ME is suing Ocean Bank of Delaware because the company lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to allegedly weak security on the part of Ocean’s online banking […]

Further Evidence That Personal Internet Use Should Be Restricted at Work

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This week’s Data Security Podcast had two items that really piqued my interest. The first was an article about an Ohio hospital which suffered data loss due to a malware infection. The malware was sent by the boyfriend of a hospital worker. Apparently he intended to follow his girlfriend’s movements on the Internet on her […]

Using Microsoft Outlook to Access Other Users’ Mailboxes

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If you have a Microsoft Exchange server at your business, Microsoft Outlook has the ability to access more than one mailbox at a time. This is a useful feature if multiple users need to share access to the same email address, or if someone needs to cover another person’s email (when an auto-responder won’t suffice) […]