Why We Recommend Foxit Reader Instead of Adobe Reader for PDFs

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This is an excerpt from an email we sent out to several clients last month, but remains as good advice for many others as well. In recent months, Adobe has suffered from numerous critical flaws in their Acrobat and PDF Reader products, necessitating frequent upgrades to keep the software current and patch against these vulnerabilities. […]

Oracle to Buy Sun Microsystems

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I just heard that Oracle intends to buy Sun Microsystems. Most of my clients are small enough that they do not (directly) use any products from Oracle. However, just about all of them use Sun Microsystems‘ Java development platform. Furthermore, just about every web site we’ve created in the last ten years has been driven […]

Internet Explorer 8

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I have been running Internet Explorer 8 (release candidate 1) for about a month, and am now running the final release version. It definitely includes some noteworthy upgrades, and some noteworthy incompatibilities. Should you upgrade? Right now, I would say “no.” I’ll start out with the major “con” before getting into the “pros.” Many web […]

Hello, world!

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Welcome to Paradigm Consulting Company’s official blog. This blog’s target audience will be current and (hopefully) future clients of Paradigm, mostly small and medium-sized businesses throughout New England, but we offer our services to clients as far away as Florida and California. We hope that this blog will provide you with useful information to help […]