Know When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

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Last week, we received a frantic email from a client, reporting that the Vice President had lost an hour of work because his computer was freezing up. His email client had crashed, and was stuck for some time in an extensive rebuild process. While this was going on, the computer was pretty much useless, as […]

Google Chrome 101: Pinning Tabs

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When you work in your browser, you may have a number of tabs constantly open in the same window. For example, you may have Gmail open, Google Drive, etc. If you close the window, you will no doubt need to open the tabs again and again, which can be frustrating. To make browser use easier, […]

Hello, world!

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Welcome to Paradigm Consulting Company’s official blog. This blog’s target audience will be current and (hopefully) future clients of Paradigm, mostly small and medium-sized businesses throughout New England, but we offer our services to clients as far away as Florida and California. We hope that this blog will provide you with useful information to help […]