Paradigm has taken the worry off my mind completely.

Paradigm has taken the worry of the computer part of my business off my mind completely since 2009, when we called on them to set up a new system and website for us. I can email or call them from anywhere, and they can get right on an issue, and it’s resolved. Security, storage, equipment – their solutions make all the difference because it’s what we need, not something that’s all cobbled together.

When a large amount of data was deleted from our project database, Paradigm was able to recover it for us. That was huge, and saved us a lot of time and effort that we would have needed to rebuild it.

When everything is working smoothly it’s great. When it doesn’t work, it’s a disaster, and getting the IT guy to solve your problem quicker than “as soon as possible” is the goal. Paradigm’s ability to remotely manage our systems is paramount so we’re not waiting for the guy to show up at the door. Peter and his staff address our IT needs promptly, and without talking down to you.

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