If you have a business, you need to do this.

My company laptop was stolen while my wife an I were on vacation. I called Paradigm and said “Peter, someone took my laptop! Can you help me?”

I had some of my information backed up, but not everyone is on top of making their own backups. If you are diligent with your backups, you may be okay, but that thumb drive could have been in that same bag with my laptop, and what good would that have done? I had a friend down in Myrtle Beach who had a desktop get a virus, and it took out the backup too.

Fortunately, I use Paradigm’s business continuity and backup service, so they had a copy of all of my important company information, as well as my personal documents and family photos. I would have lost a whole year of work, documents, and financials. This would have easily cost me more than three times the cost of a new laptop, not including the time I would have to spend with my accountant to rebuild our books.

I’m not a tech, so I depend on Paradigm to be our trusted technology advisor – their staff is always there when I need them. They are great when it comes to scheduling, with an online calendar is is a real time saver.

I feel much better now; Paradigm’s cloud backup service was a lifesaver. If you have a business, you need to do this.

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