Better functionality at less than half the cost.

Although it may appear that Paradigm’s services are expensive, what we received placed us in an excellent position as they worked with what we could afford, but still provided us a perfectly functional and very reliable network. Paradigm allowed us better functionality at less than half the cost of our current provider and with more “features.” Paradigm listened to what we needed and configured their services with an efficiency that allowed us to obtain the functionality we require.

Ongoing monitoring was seamless. Paradigm was able to catch issues before we even new they existed and remedy them, allowing us uninterrupted service. In the event that we had an issue, Paradigm was prompt to respond. Even though our contract stated that Paradigm would respond within 24 hours, response time was either immediate or within an hour or two.

Communication was excellent and annual contract discussions were based on a clear understanding of our needs, priorities, plans and financial resources.

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