Secure Email

Paradigm proudly partners with Microsoft to provide the industry leader in secure email – Microsoft Exchange. Combined with additional security technologies, Paradigm’s offering is the right choice for businesses who do not tolerate downtime, and want a secure communications platform. The features and benefits of Hosted Exchange business solutions from Paradigm Consulting and Microsoft include:

Robust management tools

Eeasily control distribution lists, user permissions and security policies.

A familiar user experience

Enjoy a minimal learning curve with software and programs you already know from Microsoft, including Outlook and Office.

Screenshot of a user's Outlook inbox.

Smarter inbox

Exchange 2016 helps you get more done through faster search and an inbox that is more personalized, more helpful, and more intelligent.

Storage and speed

you get mailboxes with scalable storage – with plans starting at 50 GB (going to unlimited storage) that allow you send attachments as large as 25 MB
99.9+% uptime – financially-backed and guaranteed service.

Anti-virus and anti-spam

Reliable, industry-leading security solutions to weed out the junk and secure your inbox.

Disaster recovery

From third-party certified geo-redundant data centers that continuously replicate your data.

Email Encryption

Either on-demand (when you want to send a single message securely) or driven by policy (automatically encrypting or blocking the transmission of sensitive PHI or PII).

Simplified architecture

Security and compliance

Data loss prevention (DLP) in Exchange Server 2016 includes more in-the-box sensitive information types. And enhanced auditing enables better reporting and easier integration with third-party tools.

Screenshot of an Outlook inbox with an attached document being edited beside the message.

Better collaboration

With its new approach to attachments that eliminates versioning headaches, plus other enhancements, Exchange Server 2016 makes working together on documents easier.

Screenshot of an Outlook inbox. Exchange Server 2016 powers the latest Outlook experiences.

Mobile productivity

Exchange Server 2016 powers the latest Outlook experiences on phones, tablets, desktops, and the web so you can get more done, wherever you are.